The stewardship of our finances is a tremendous —and often overlooked—area of our lives where we can faithfully proclaim the gospel. Giving strengthens our devotion to Christ and frees us to live open-handedly with the gifts God gives us. We trust in Him and His provision instead of our perceived self-sufficiency. As people of faith, we give faithfully and generously.
“The best way of scaling the spiritual heights is simply to give in gratitude for the fact that you have been given. God doesn’t live in a house of stone. He lives in the hearts of those who give”. – Jonathan Sacks
Cheque donations towards the mission and ministry of Parish should be made payable to:
‘ACF:Parish of City Beach”
If you would like to make a bank transfer the parish bank account details that you require are:
•Anglican Parish of City Beach
•BSB 706001
•Account Number 30003009